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The warm colors inspired by the tropics and the Brazilian modernist aesthetics from the artist Eduardo Sampaio, native of São Paulo - Brazil, living today in France, were chosen to illustrate some of the most recent collection from one of the most stylish and desired accessories brands in the world.

Olympia Le-Tan®️ brand reproduced some of Sampaio's artworks - who paints the human figure and its relation with the space - in its it-bags, embroidered by hand and in book format.

The international beloved brand, have jet set clients such as Tilda Swinton, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and Anita, has already reproduced artworks from prestigious figures as Picassso, Van Gogh and Monet in its purses. Now, the brand has chosen the artworks 'O Sexteto', 'A Lavadeira' and 'A Roda de Samba' by Eduardo Sampaio artist to its new collection.

The clutches, with its delicate and elegant silhouettes and with the Brazilian soul made by Eduardo, were exposed recently in a preview during the last Paris Fashion Week, in the brand's showroom and are as well part of the 2024's winter collection, launched in middle August.

“A Roda de Samba” 


“A Lavadeira” 


“O sexteto” 


In 2022 I made an individual exposition at Le Pavé d'Orsay, located in the French capital, in

honor of the Modern Art Week Centenary, where I presented different artworks of mine. The

luxury brand's studio director, Costança Nardi, got to know and appreciate what she saw,

and that's how I got invited to this collab.


Eduardo sampaio

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“A Roda de Samba” 

“A Lavadeira” 

“O Sexteto 

The super exclusive products are sold in some of the 30 Le-Tan®️'s distributors around the world as Net-A-Porter, Matchesfashion, Bergdorf Goodman e L'Eclaireur, as well as at the brand's web site.

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